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4 Reasons Why Travel Companies Prefer Business Versus Leisure Travelers

The travel industry gets most of its clients from leisure travelers. However, it makes more money from business than leisure passengers. The airlines put up with us leisure travelers because they couldn’t survive without us. However, they don’t hide their preference for business travelers.
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Airline Bumping: What is it Really? Is it a Blessing or a Curse?

Airlines routinely sell more tickets on a plane than there are seats. They expect no-shows. Most of the time this causes no problems. If there is trouble, often they can find volunteers who will receive some compensation to take a later flight. Once in a rare while, airlines…
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Hopefully, these Best Public Transportation Travel Quotes will inspire and make you laugh while you discover your own favorite public transportation experiences. My favorite form of public transportation is ferries. I took the Star Ferry (pictured here) across Kowloon Bay during Chinese New Year. The sight of the fireworks exploding over the city's spectacular skyline was the best 25 cents I ever spent. (pxfuel)

25+ Best Public Transportation Travel Quotes

Unlike many other travelers, I don’t particularly like taking public transportation from one place to another. However, sometimes it can be fun..These quotes come from many voices about the joys and challenges of using public transportation while traveling.
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Granada Nicaragua is a place all potential expat retirees should consider. It is stunning beautiful, has rich history and culture, and is lo cost. By Carlos Adampol -https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15395746)

30+ Best Expat Life Quotes

Many people hesitate to live the life of their dreams abroad. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Read these quotes about expat life from my Fifty-Plus Nomad blog and Facebook group page to worry less and start our new life overseas.
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Lake Bacalar in Southern Quintana Roo in Mexico (about two hours south of Cancun) is also called the lagoon of seven colors. The lagoon creates spectacular colors based on its unique geological features. It also has some of the world's oldest life forms. Bacalar's one-of-a-kind geology makes it one of Mexico's extremely cool fun facts. (photo from pxfuel)

70+ Fun Facts About Mexico For Travelers

I feel blessed to live in Mexico. I love Mexican culture, food, and archaeology. I carefully selected these fun facts about Mexico to show some of the joys and challenges facing my adopted new homeland.
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20+ Best Quotes About Guided Tours and Sightseeing

I am glad that I participated in both guided tours and independent travel during my five years traveling around the world. Sometimes, I loved being alone and planning everything myself. Other times, I loved being in a group and having everything done for me. Hopefully, these long-term travel advice quotes…
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15 Tips for Finding the Best Guided Tours for You

One of my biggest surprised while traveling around the world in the 20102 is how fond I became of guided and escorted multi-day tours. I feel blessed to have many guides who brought the history and culture of places to life while taking excellent care of their guest’s needs. However,…
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5 Easy, Secret Airline Check-In Tips

Without a doubt, one of the most frustrating parts of living as a fifty-plus nomad is dealing with airports. In my five years traveling around the world, I encountered several issues I did not anticipate including finding the right terminal, not having proof of onward passage, and unexpected fees….
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