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55+ Best Mexico Travel Quotes

Mexico is my favorite country and my adapted homeland. These 55+ best foreign Mexico quotes from my Fifty-Plus Nomad blog and Facebook group page will show you why some of the world’s foremost authors and I share a common love for Mexico.
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100+ Fun Facts About Canada for Travelers

After spending nearly 2 1/2 years in Canada, I am fascinated by all things Canadian. Canada has unassumingly created one of the best models for a Country on Earth. I have selected these quotes to show you why Canada holds so much allure.
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Maggie and the Mexican Hot Sheets Motel

Roberta Rich wrote this article about staying in love motels in Mexico during her annual drive from Vancouver to Colima, Mexico. She stayed in these motels because they were the only places she could find that allowed dogs.
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Lake Bacalar in Southern Quintana Roo in Mexico (about two hours south of Cancun) is also called the lagoon of seven colors. The lagoon creates spectacular colors based on its unique geological features. It also has some of the world's oldest life forms. Bacalar's one-of-a-kind geology makes it one of Mexico's extremely cool fun facts. (photo from pxfuel)

70+ Fun Facts About Mexico For Travelers

I feel blessed to live in Mexico. I love Mexican culture, food, and archaeology. I carefully selected these fun facts about Mexico to show some of the joys and challenges facing my adopted new homeland.
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Airline Bumping: What is it Really? Is it a Blessing or a Curse?

Airlines routinely sell more tickets on a plane than there are seats. They expect no-shows. Most of the time this causes no problems. If there is trouble, often they can find volunteers who will receive some compensation to take a later flight. Once in a rare while, airlines…
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Travel Industry Consolidations: Are They Good for Consumers?

Probably the most significant change in the travel industry in the past couple of decades has been the industry’s rapid consolidation. Read this post to discover how few travel players really exist in the market today. and how this rapid consolidation has affected consumers.
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