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I (Paul Heller) love collecting the Best Caribbean Travel Quotes for my Fifty Plus Nomad blog. I spend hours searching to find quotes that:

  • Reflect how I feel about a place or a travel-related issue
  • Add a new or interesting perspective to a discussion about a place or issue, even if I disagree with the author’s viewpoint.
  • Make me laugh, cry, or smile.
  • Perfectly capture a place, emotion, or issue.

I don’t include quotes about unknown places or travel experiences.

All my blog posts lead off with a quote relevant to the post’s subject. I frequently post quotes on my Facebook group: Long Term Traveling and Living Abroad Over 50.

In addition, I have added several previously unseen quotes I discovered while putting together this page.

I hope you enjoy these Best Caribbean Travel Quotes as much as I enjoyed putting them together.

Let me know if you have any additional quotes to add to this page.

9 Best Caribbean Travel Quotes

“Visual surprise is natural in the Caribbean; it comes with the landscape, and faced with its beauty, the sigh of History dissolves.”
Derek Walcott

When you’re on one of the Caribbean islands, sometimes it’s hard to picture how they fit with the rest, but when you see them all joined together like a necklace from space, you see the natural geographic connectedness of them all.
Chris Hadfield

I’ve got a Caribbean soul I can barely control, and some Texas hidden here in my heart!
Jimmy Buffett

Nowhere else is it possible to experience, in such a small area, so many different cultures and social conditions, such diverse vegetation, and such varied landscape as in the Caribbean.
Leonard Adkins

There is something fresh and crisp about the first hours of a Caribbean day, a happy anticipation that something is about to happen, maybe just up the street or around the next corner.
Hunter S. Thompson

Consuming authentic Caribbean food can be an emotionally moving experience, not only in terms of the euphoria caused by its fresh ingredients, intense flavors, and spicy seasonings, but also in the awareness that diverse groups of people have had to come together in various state of contentment and discontentment in order to produce even just a morsel of a Caribbean meal.
Lynne Marie Houston

The chief character in this narrative is the Caribbean Sea, one of the world’s most alluring bodies of water, a rare gem among the oceans, defined by the islands that form a chain of lovely jewels to the north and east.
James A. Michener

At first glance it does look like paradise: the blue sky, and impossibly clear turquoise water, the sand, the palm trees, the gentle caress of the sea breezes. Yet most islanders face an everyday struggle for survival amid such natural splendour.”
Carrie Gibson

Quotes About Individual Caribbean Countries and the Bahamas

Jamaica has the best coffee, the best sugar, the best ginger and some of the best cocoa in the world.”
Chris Blackwell

“I’ve been to the Bahamas. It’s a beautiful country with truly excellent people. When I took a cruise that docked for a couple hours in Nassau, it mostly reminded me of a giant version of my grandmother’s neighborhood in Mobile, Alabama… but with better accents.”
W. Kamau Bell

4 Best Cuba Travel Quotes

“Havana still looks like you want it to look. Or maybe just how I want it to look. What was once one of the wealthiest cities in Latin America, left to the elements, left to collapse, was frozen gloriously in time. In fits and starts Cuba is changing, but it’s not sugar or rum or tobacco or casino gambling that is the new god. It’s tourism.”
Anthony Bourdain

Cuba is such a beautiful country, and everywhere you go, there’s music and people dancing – especially in Havana.
Julia Sawalha

Cuba is like going to a whole other planet. It’s so different but it’s so similar to the United States, to Miami. It’s like a doppelgaenger. It’s the mirror image. And I have no doubt, that once Cuba becomes democratic, that it will be the favorite tourist destination for Americans.
Henry Louis Gates

“Arguably, the Malecón is the most photographed street in Havana. It lies as a bulwark just across the horizon from the United States, which is only 90 treacherous miles away. It is approximately 5 miles long, following the northern coast of the city from east to west. This broad boulevard is ideal for the revelers partaking in parades and is the street used for Fiesta Mardi Gras, known in Cuba as Los Carnavales. It has also been used for “spontaneous demonstrations” against the United States.

It runs from the entrance to Havana harbor at the Morro Castle, Castillo del Morro, alongside the Centro Habana neighborhood to the Vedado neighborhood, past the United States Embassy on the Calle Calzada. Since 1977, the renovated Embassy building has housed the United States Interests Section in Havana. The Malecón is also known as a street where both male and female prostitutes ply their trade. At the present time, most of the buildings that line this once magnificent coastal boulevard are in ruins, which doesn’t stop it from being a spectacular and popular esplanade for an evening walk by residents and tourists alike.”
Captain Hank Bracker, “The Exciting Story of Cuba”

4 Best Haiti Travel Quotes

Haiti…has palm-fringed beaches with white sand and turquoise sea. It has a rich cultural heritage that lives through its art, music, and literature. Its history–written across its landscape–is astounding, a country born out of the world’s only successful slave revolution to become the first independent black republic…Any country trying to build a tourist industry would give their eye-teeth for a portfolio like Haiti’s.
Paul Clammer

“Haiti is a proud nation, rich in heritage and spirituality. How they have been able to not only survive but thrive is a testament to how the Haitian people have come together to rebuild, create new families, and care for one another.”¨
Michael Arden

“Haiti kind of gets a hold of you.”
Sean Penn

“When I was a child, my parents took my brothers and me to Port-au-Prince during the summer so we could get to know the country of our ancestors. Because Haiti is an island, the beach is everywhere. Haitians are particular, even snobby, about beaches.”
Roxane Gay

3 Best Puerto Rico Quotes

“Puerto Ricans, it doesn’t matter where they live, it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since they visited the island, their hearts are there. If you keep them informed, and if you say to them, ‘This is important for Puerto Rico, go and call your congressman,’ they do it. They do it.”
Anibal Acevedo Vila

“Puerto Rico is one of those places you can be as quiet or as crazy as you want, because there’s so much nightlife. I have to take the craziness carefully.”
Bruce Forsyth

“Culturally, musically, historically Cuba and Puerto Rico are like two wings of one bird.
Pedro Capo

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