NOTE: I don’t include quotes about places I haven’t visited and studied at some length because it is hard for me to select quotes without firsthand knowledge. For this reason, there are no quotes in this post about Norway (outside of Bergen), Sweden, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.

Best England and Scandinavia Travel Quotes

I (Paul Heller) love collecting the Best England, and Scandinavia Travel Quotes for my Fifty Plus Nomad blog. I spend hours searching to find quotes that:

  • Reflect how I feel about a place or a travel-related issue
  • Add a new or interesting perspective to a discussion about a place or issue, even if I don`t agree with the author’s viewpoint.
  • Make me laugh, cry, or smile.
  • Perfectly capture a place, emotion, or issue.

All my blog posts lead off with a quote relevant to the post’s subject. I frequently post quotes on my Facebook group: Long Term Traveling and Living Abroad Over 50.

In addition, I have added several previously unseen quotes I discovered while putting together this page.

I hope you enjoy these quotes as much as I enjoyed putting them together.

Let me know if you have additional England, and Scandinavia Travel quotes to add to this page.

6 Best Denmark Travel Quotes

“Everyone in Denmark has at least two or three sailors in their family; sea travel is part of the DNA of our nation, and because of that, I’d always wanted to tell a story aboard a ship.”
Tobias Lindholm

“Denmark (also called Norway) is best known as the original home of the prune Danish as well as the Vikings, who wore hats with horns sticking out of them, and for a very good reason: they were insane.”
Dave Barry

“Denmark has long been regarded as one of the world’s most attractive nations, for citizens and tourists alike. My own visits there, years ago as a student, were delightful.”
Elliott Abrams

Best Copenhagen Travel Quotes

“Copenhagen is clean, colorful, and even more beautiful than the photos. It’s rich in heritage with architecture dating back to the Medieval Period – yet at the same time, Danish design is a modern leader.”

“Today’s Copenhagen has no glittering skylines and little of the high-stress bustle of most capitals. The morning air in the pedestrian streets of the city’s core is redolent of baked bread and soap-scrubbed storefronts. If there’s such a thing as a cozy city, this is it.” 

“Copenhagen is without a doubt one of my favourite cities in Europe. It’s got a little bit of everything – cute little cafes to lose yourself in, creative art installations all around the city, more colour than you think a capital could have, canals everywhere, and even a few castles too.”

19 Best England Travel Quotes

“The difference between America and England is that Americans think 100 years is a long time, while the English think 100 miles is a long way..”
Earle Hitchner

“England is the paradise of individuality, eccentricity, heresy, anomalies, hobbies and humors.
George Santayana

“The English certainly and fiercely pride themselves in never praising themselves.”¨
Wyndham Lewis

An Englishman, even if he is alone, forms an orderly queue of one.”
George Mikes, a Hungarian-born British journalist, and writer from the 1900s

“The biggest difference between England and America is that England has history, while America has geography.” 
Neil Gaiman

“But what I liked.. was what I liked generally in Britain: the bread, the fish, the cheese, the flower gardens, the apples. the clouds, the newspapers, the beer, the woolen cloth, the radio programs, the parks, the Indian restaurants and amateur dramatics, the postal service, the fresh vegetables, the trains, and the modesty and truthfulness of people..”
Paul Theroux

“England is the paradise of individuality, eccentricity, heresy, anomalies, hobbies, and humor.’”
George Santayana

“We have really everything in common with America nowadays except, of course, language.’”
Oscar Wilde

“There’s an accent shift, on average, every 25 miles in England.”
David Crystal

“Funny thing, but when I first got to England, I felt very much at home there” 
Clint Walker, American Actor

“What other country… could possibly have come up with place names like Tooting Bec and Farleigh Wallop, or a game like cricket that goes on for three days and never seems to start?
Bill Bryson

“If you want to eat well in England, eat three breakfasts.”
W. Somerset Maugham

Quotes About English Places

“I know this goes without saying, but Stonehenge really was the most incredible accomplishment. It took five hundred men just to pull each sarsen, plus a hundred more to dash around positioning the rollers. Just think about it for a minute. Can you imagine trying to talk six hundred people into helping you drag a fifty-ton stone eighteen miles across the countryside and muscle it into an upright position, and then saying, ‘Right, lads! Another twenty like that, plus some lintels and maybe a couple of dozen nice bluestones from Wales, and we can party!’ Whoever was the person behind Stonehenge was one dickens of a motivator, I’ll tell you that.”
Bill Bryson

“I wonder anybody does anything at Oxford but dream and remember, the place is so beautiful. One almost expects the people to sing instead of speaking. It is all like an opera.”
WB Yeats

Best London Quotes

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”
Samuel Johnson

“A person who is tired of London is not necessarily tired of life; it might be that he just can’t find a parking place.
Paul Theroux

“In London, everyone is different, and that means anyone can fit in.”
Paddington Bear

“Tea at the Ritz is the last delicious morsel of Edwardian London. The light is kind, the cakes are frivolous and the tempo is calm, confident and leisurely.” 
Helen Simpson, The London Ritz Book of Afternoon Tea

“My Dad says that being a Londoner has nothing to do with where you’re born. He says that there are people who get off a jumbo jet at Heathrow, go through immigration waving any kind of passport, hop on the tube and by the time the train’s pulled into Piccadilly Circus they’ve become a Londoner.” 
Ben Aaronovitch, Moon Over Soho

3 Best Finland Travel Quotes

¨”When I am disgusted by certain American politicians, I fantasize moving away to Finland – a country in which I have worked a little, and which I see as a pure blue and green place of unpolluted lakes, peaceful forests, and pristine social-democratic values.”
Martha Nussbaum

Now is probably a good time to make my confession about Finland, our next destination in this Nordic odyssey: I think the Finns are fantastic. I can’t get enough of them. I would be perfectly happy for the Finns to rule the world. They get my vote, they’ve won my heart. If you ask me, they should just change the word ‘fantastic’ to ‘Finntastic.’ Helsinki? Heavensinki, more like.”
 Michael Booth, The Almost Nearly Perfect People: Behind the Myth of the Scandinavian Utopia

“Finland is world-famous for its architects and decorators, who know how to produce beautiful effects in simple ways. On my first visit to Finland, I remember being invited into the living room of one of my host’s homes, and immediately thinking to myself, “This is the most beautiful room that I’ve ever seen!” On reflection, I then wondered why I found it so beautiful, because the room was a nearly-empty cubicle with just a few pieces of simple furniture. But the materials and form of the room, and those few pieces of furniture, were typically Finnish in their simplicity and beauty.”
― Jared Diamond, Upheaval: Turning Points for Nations in Crisis

3 Best Iceland Travel Quotes

“Iceland is not just a sightseeing destination but a place where we come to feel things we’ve never felt before – what it’s like to be the only person on earth or how it feels to be outnumbered a million to one.”
Andrew Evans

‘”Yes, in countless ways, Iceland is a fascinating, mysterious, contradictory land.’
Roger K. Sandness

“‘In Iceland, the weather is the biggest character you deal with every day. There’s nothing more relevant in your life than what kind of weather it is.’”
Baltasar Kormakur

2 Best Bergen Norway Quotes

¨”Artists like Bach and Beethoven erected churches and temples on the heights. I only wanted… to build dwellings for men in which they might feel happy and at home.”
Edvard Grieg

“The Hanseatic Wharf”, is the most obvious remnant from the time Bergen used to be the centre of trade between Norway and the rest of Europe.

Today, the wharf houses a museum, shops, galleries, and restaurants, and is a focal point for both locals and visitors¨”
Visit Norway website

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