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I (Paul Heller) love collecting the Best USA Travel Quotes for my Fifty Plus Nomad blog. I spend hours searching to find quotes that:

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  • Make me laugh, cry, or smile.
  • Perfectly capture a place, emotion, or issue.

I don’t include quotes about unknown places or travel experiences.

All my blog posts lead off with quotes relevant to the post’s subject. I frequently post quotes on my Facebook group: Long Term Traveling and Living Abroad Over 50.

In addition, I have added several previously unseen quotes I discovered while putting together this page.

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16 Quotes to Help You Understand the US Better

“The USA is a great place to be when you are healthy, it is a horrendous place to be when you become too sick to work.”
Steven Magee

“Relationships are so much like the United States – they only really thrive when faced with an external threat.”
Laura Pedersen

“America is the greatest engine of innovation that has ever existed, and it can’t be duplicated anytime soon, because it is the product of a multitude of factors: extreme freedom of thought, an emphasis on independent thinking, a steady immigration of new minds, a risk-taking culture with no stigma attached to trying and failing, a noncorrupt bureaucracy, and financial markets and a venture capital system that are unrivaled at taking new ideas and turning them into global products.”
Thomas L. Friedman

“Americans have an inability to relax into sheer pleasure. Ours is an entertainment seeking-nation, but not necessarily a pleasure-seeking one….This is the cause of that great sad American stereotype- the overstressed executive who goes on vacation, but who cannot relax.”
Elizabeth Gilbert

“How can a nation be called great if its bread tastes like kleenex?”
Julia Child

“National parks are the best idea we ever had. Absolutely American, absolutely democratic, they reflect us at our best rather than our worst.”
Wallace Stegner

Won’t it be wonderful when black history and Native American history and Jewish history and all of U.S. history is taught from one book. Just U.S. history.”
Maya Angelou

“It is probably a pity that every citizen of each state cannot visit all the others, to see the differences, to learn what we have in common, and come back with a richer, fuller understanding of America – in all its beauty, in all its dignity, in all its strength, in support of moral principle.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower

¨”Even in Haiti, I saw John Wayne movies. American cinema has always been the dominant cinema throughout the world, and people tend to forget that. People aren’t just seeing these films in California or Florida. They’re seeing them in Haiti, in Congo, in France, in Italy and in Asia. That is the power of Hollywood.”
Raoul Peck

“Not merely a nation but a nation of nations.”
Lyndon B Johnson

“Perhaps, after all, America never has been discovered. I myself would say that it had merely been detected.”
Oscar Wilde

“America has as much diversity in peoples as it does in geographies.”
Terri Guillemets

When bad news is riding high and despair in fashion, when loud mouths and corruption seem to own center stage, when some keep crying that the country is going to the dogs, remember it’s always been going to the dogs in the eyes of some, and that 90 percent, or more, of the people are good people, generous-hearted, law-abiding, good citizens who get to work on time, do a good job, love their country, pay their taxes, care about their neighbors, care about their children’s education, and believe, rightly, as you do, in the ideals upon which our way of life is founded.”
― David McCullough, The American Spirit: Who We Are and What We Stand For

Yes, I would agree that America, just like Spain was in the 17th Century, is the main empire of the world and they are the ones who, on the surface, are the pushiest: pushing their language, pushing their culture – or what there is of it – pushing by force their system on others.”
Viggo Mortensen

“There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”
Isaac Asimov

“November is Native American Heritage month, and a good time to honor the legacy of our ancestors, but every day we should stop to think about our country’s beginning and that the United States would not exist if not for a great deal of sacrifice, blood, and tears by Indian Tribes across the country.”
Deb Haaland

“The World’s Fair was the precursor to theme parks like Disneyworld, and the really sort of cheap, superficial promotional architecture that you see everywhere in the US. I think there’s a danger when you start creating a civilisation that isn’t meant to last.”
Sufjan Stevens

Native Americans are not and must not be props in a sort of theme park of the past, where we go to have a good time and see exotic cultures. “What we have done to the peoples who were living in North America” is, according to anthropologist Sol Tax, “our Original Sin.”
James W. Loewen

“The world’s most famous cities. An ever-changing landscape that has captured the popular imagination across the globe for over 200 years. An unmatched level of diversity. The USA’s scale and scope means visitors can spend a lifetime returning and still find something new and fascinating every time.

From embracing the chaos of Manhattan to hiking in the High Sierras, partying in New Orleans to touring lobster shacks in Maine, searching for wildlife in Yosemite to riding the train from Seattle to San Francisco, there is truly something for every type of traveler. Beach bums, outdoor adventurers and culture fiends are all catered for in a destination that continues to reinvent itself.
CNN Travel

4 Best American Dream Quotes

“Dreams are the foundation of America.”
Lupita Nyong’o 

“The reason they call it the American Dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it.”
George Carlin

“No one understands and appreciates the American Dream of hard work leading to material rewards better than a non-American.”
Anthony Bourdain

“Basically, there are two kinds of stereotypes out there in the world about America. There’s America the Goliath – the big, powerful, bullying country that pushes its way around the world and gets its ways, pursues its own interests nakedly, irrespective of what others want. And the other stereotype is America, the land of opportunity, where everyone can go and do anything, be anything, make any dreams come true.”.
Shashi Tharoor


45+ Best USA Regional Travel Quotes

8 Southeastern USA Travel Quotes

“Yankees don’t understand that the Southern way of talking is a language of nuance.”-
Lewis Grizzard

“There’s a rule of travel in the South – if you’re going to Hell, you’re gonna change planes in Atlanta. And no matter what time you drive through Atlanta, it’s rush hour and there’s a wreck on I-285.”
John G. Hartness

“Southern barbecue is the closest thing we have in the U.S. to Europe’s wines or cheeses; drive a hundred miles and the barbecue changes.”
John Shelton Reed

“Despite the sarcastic remarks of Northerners, who don’t know the region, the South of the United States can be so impellingly beautiful that sophisticated creature comforts diminish in importance.”
Maya Angelou.

“Memories of my Southern upbringing in Richmond, Virginia, always include the smell of good southern food: fried chicken, cheese grits, Smithfield ham, and buttermilk biscuits.”
Tinsley Mortimer.

“Rock was born in the South, so saying ‘Southern rock’ is like saying ‘rock rock.'”
Duane Allman.

“If the world ends, I’ll just head on down to Kentucky because they’re always 20 years behind.”
Mark Twain

“I grew up partially around Stone Mountain, Georgia, and in that part of the country, there was always this aura of mythology and a palpable sense of otherness about being a Southerner.”
Kara Walker

“My version of ‘Georgia’ became the state song of Georgia. That was a big thing for me, man. It really touched me. Here is a state that used to lynch people like me suddenly declaring my version of a song as its state song. That is touching.”
Ray Charles

4 Texas Travel Quotes

“Texas is a state of mind. Texas is an obsession. Above all, Texas is a nation in every sense of the word. And there’s an opening convey of generalities. A Texan outside of Texas is a foreigner.”
John Steinback

 “But there is a real independence in Texas. When we say it’s a country unto its own, it is a little different from the other places in the South.”
Matthew McConaughey.

“Only Texas could turn defeat into a legend–and a song, and a tourist attraction, and a major motion picture.”
Rosemary Kent

“Half of San Antonio’s population is of Mexican descent; the other half just eats that way.”  
Mike Greenberg

8 Best New England and Mid-Atlantic States Travel Quotes

“I do not speak with any fondness but the language of coolest history, when I say that Boston commands attention as the town which was appointed in the destiny of nations to lead the civilization of North America.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

“It’s such a great city, visually. You can’t get that kind of look in Canada that you can get in Boston: the old-brick historical buildings, the winding streets, the old but funky neighborhoods like Southie and Somerville. You can’t get that elsewhere. It’s a very unique place in that way.”
Brad Anderson

“I guess no true Bostonian would trust a place that was sunny and pleasant all the time. But a gritty, perpetually cold and gloomy neighborhood? Throw in a couple of Dunkin’ Donuts locations, and I’m right at home.”
Rick Riordan

“William Penn was the first great hero of American liberty. During the late seventeenth century, when Protestants persecuted Catholics, Catholics persecuted Protestants, and both persecuted Quakers and Jews, Penn established an American sanctuary which protected freedom of conscience. ”
Jim Powell

“World-class museums, cutting-edge galleries, and ubiquitous street murals make this city (Philadelphia) a trove of creative riches.”
New York Magazine

“I love the dignity in the name Philadelphia, but at heart, we’re Philly.”
Lisa Scottoline

“What New England is, is a state of mind, a place where dry humor and perpetual disappointment blend to produce an ironic pessimism that folks from away find most perplexing.
Willem Lange

There is a sumptuous variety about the New England weather that compels the stranger’s admiration — and regret. The weather is always doing something there; always attending strictly to business; always getting up new designs and trying them on people to see how they will go. But it gets through more business in spring than in any other season. In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of twenty-four hours.
Mark Twain

“There are areas of New England, plenty of them, with quaintness to spare, with color-changing leaves and folksy folks full of folksy homespun wisdom accompanied by folksy accents.
A. Lee Martinez

10 Midwest Travel Quotes

“The sins of the Midwest: flatness, emptiness, a necessary acceptance of the familiar. Where is the romance in being buried alive? In growing old?”
 Stewart O’Nan, Songs for the Missing

“I know more polkas than Frankie Yankovic. I grew up next door to the Polka Tavern in Milwaukee. I can sing some polkas. And proud of that.”
Al Jarreau

“For me, a plain Middle Westerner, there is no middle way. I am in love with whatever is eccentric, devious, strange, singular, unique, out of this world—and with life as an incalculable, a chaotic thing.”
Marguerite Young

“A lot of people see it as a kind of failure to stay in the place where you’re from, especially if you’re from the Midwest. Like ambition is geographic.”
Leah Stewart, The History of Us

“It’s the Cuyahoga River that puts the cleave in Cleveland, separating East from Midwest, integration from segregation, a place that sees itself as America’s westernmost Eastern city from a place that sees itself as the easternmost midwestern city. The rest of the country sees it as neither, though it must be said that the rest of the country is perversely wont to misunderstand Cleveland.”
Mark Winegardner

And it is awful here, there is no other way to say it. But I believe that Detroit is America’s city. It was the vanguard of our way up, just as it is the vanguard of our way down. And one hopes the vanguard of our way up again. Detroit is Pax Americana…America’s way of life was built here.”
― Charlie LeDuff, Detroit: An American Autopsy

There are cities that get by on their good looks, offer climate and scenery, views of mountains or oceans, rockbound or with palm trees; and there are cities like Detroit that have to work for a living, whose reason for being might be geographical but whose growth is based on industry, jobs. Detroit has its natural attractions: lakes all over the place, an abundance of trees and four distinct seasons for those who like variety in their weather, everything but hurricanes and earth-quakes. But it’s never been the kind of city people visit and fall in love with because of its charm or think, gee, wouldn’t this be a nice place to live.”
Elmore Leonard

“As a young girl, I saw commitment in my grandmother, who helped Grandpa homestead our farm on the Kansas prairie. Somehow they outlasted the Dust Bowl, the Depression, and the tornadoes that terrorize the Great Plains.”
Sheri L. Dew

“Almost on crossing the Ohio line it seemed to me that people were more open and more outgoing. The waitress in a roadside stand said good morning before I had a chance to, discussed breakfast as though she liked the idea, spoke with enthusiasm about the weather, sometimes even offered some information about herself without my delving. Strangers talked freely to one another without caution. I had forgotten how rich and beautiful is the countryside – the deep topsoil, the wealth of great trees, the lake country of Michigan handsome as a well-made woman, and dressed and jeweled. It seemed to me that the earth was generous and outgoing here in the heartland, and perhaps the people took a cue from it.”
John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America

“(I) grew up here, in what show business people, which now includes our best-known politicians and so-called journalists, often call ‘flyover country.’ We are somewhere between television cameras in Washington DC, and New York, and Los Angeles. Please join me in saying to the undersides of their airplanes, ‘Go to hell.”
Kurt Vonnegut, If This Isn’t Nice, What Is?: Advice for the Young

“They talk about big skies in the western United States, and they may indeed have them, but you have never seen such lofty clouds, such towering anvils, as in Iowa in July.”
Bill Bryson, The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid

“With all this snow, with the sun not there, with the cold and dreariness, this place doesn’t look like my America, doesn’t even look real. It’s like we are in a terrible story, like we’re in the crazy parts of the Bible, there where God is busy punishing people for their sins and is making them miserable with all the weather.

The sky, for example, has stayed white all this time I have been here, which tells you that something is not right. Even the stones know that a sky is supposed to be blue, like our sky back home, which is blue, so blue you can spray Clorox on it and wipe it with a paper towel and it wouldn’t even come off.”
NoViolet Bulawayo, We Need New Names

I like the best USA travel quote above from Al Jarreau about Milwaukee It is easy to imagine that Milwaukee could mix polka and jazz in a fun and alluring way. (Milwaukee is also the hometown of one of America's strangest trilogy of famous people- Golda Meir, Liberace, and Douglas McArthur). In 1986, I got my first full-time, career-level job in Milwaukee. When I got the job, I had never been to the city. While the job was ok, I grew to love the city (except for the weather). I loved the middle-class, friendly but gritty ethnic heel of the city, and the city's excellent cultural institutions and architecture. (pxfuel)
I like the best USA travel quote above from Al Jarreau about Milwaukee It is easy to imagine that Milwaukee could mix polka and jazz in a fun and alluring way. (Milwaukee is also the hometown of one of America’s strangest trilogy of famous people- Golda Meir, Liberace, and Douglas McArthur). In 1986, I got my first full-time, career-level job in Milwaukee. When I got the job, I had never been to the city. While the job was ok, I grew to love the city (except for the weather). I loved the middle-class, friendly but gritty ethnic heel of the city, and the city’s excellent cultural institutions and architecture. (pxfuel)

12 California and the West Coast USA Travel Quotes

“To visit the West Coast, now and always, is to be overwhelmed by its beauty – the blue water and blue skies, the temperate air and the beaches and the looming mountains not so far away.”
Ross Douthat

“I’m so alive. As I stand facing the beauty of the never-ending Pacific Ocean, a late afternoon breeze blows down from the hills behind. As always, it is a beautiful day. The sun is making its final descent. The magic is about to begin. The skies are ready to burn with brilliance, as it turns from a soft blue to a bright orange. Looking towards the West, I stare in awe at the hypnotic power of the waves. A giant curl begins to take form, then breaks with a thundering clap as it crashes on the shore.”
Dave Pelzer

“Late afternoon on the West Coast ends with the sky doing all its brilliant stuff.”
Joan Didion

“Though outsiders always assumed Southern California is perpetually soft and subtropical with the perfect beach breeze, that sweet lick of sunshine, I knew the truth. The real Southern California exists in extremes. It’s a place of spontaneous wildfires, and Santa Ana winds, and droughts that turn lakes into craters, splintering the earth like pottery that has crazed. It’s a place of storms that transform streets into oceans, and I had no doubts now: the rain was coming.”
Sarah Nicole Smetana

“California is full of Mexican culture and Mexican music.
Harry Stanton

“Soon it got dusk, a grapy dusk, a purple dusk over tangerine groves and long melon fields; the sun the color of pressed grapes, slashed with burgandy red, the fields the color of love and Spanish mysteries.”
Jack Kerouac

“A grove of giant redwood or sequoias should be kept just as we keep a great and beautiful cathedral.”
Theodore Roosevelt

 “Everything is just better in California – the wine, the food, fruits and vegetables, the comforts of living. Even the instrumentalists are generous and curious. Everything is wonderful.”
Beth Anderson

“Nature. That’s the one thing that tips the balance in terms of living here in California. Within minutes, I can be in a desert, at the ocean, in a park, and that’s the most nourishing food for my soul.”
Lara Pulver

“At night, what you see is a city, because all you see is lights. By day, it doesn’t look like a city at all. The trees outnumber the houses. And that’s completely typical of Seattle. You can’t quite tell: is it a city, is it a suburb, is the forest growing back?”
Jonathan Raban

And Seattle isn’t really crazy anymore. It’s a big dot-com city.”
Krist Novoselic

“Portland is a place where you can find a community as a feminist, a vegan or a fat activist. Artists, musicians, knitters, and filmmakers can all meet like-minded souls. It’s proved the perfect place for me and all my punk friends.”
Beth Ditto

Your friends in Seattle are downright Canadian in their niceness. None of you has a cell phone. The girls wear hoodies and big cotton underpants and walk around with tangled hair and smiling, adorned backpacks.”

“Do you know how absolutely exotic it is that you haven’t been corrupted by fashion and pop culture? A month ago I mentioned Ben Stiller, and do you remember how you responded? ‘Who’s that?’ I loved you all over again.”
Maria Semple

3 Southwestern US Travel Quotes

“Standing there, gaping at this monstrous and inhumane spectacle of rock and cloud and sky and space, I feel a ridiculous greed and possessiveness come over me. I want to know it all, possess it all, embrace the entire scene intimately, deeply, totally.”
Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire

“The Diné are children of the sun. They are rugged and graceful people. They love the radiance of color and silver, the purity of nature, and the speed of horses. They have a gift for adaptation and creativity. They do everything with spontaneity and flair.”
Zita Steele, Dine: A Tribute to the Navajo People

“This landscape is animate: it moves, transposes, builds, proceeds, shifts, always going on, never coming back, and one can only retain it in vignettes, impressions caught in a flash, flipped through in succession, leaving a richness of images imprinted on a sunburned retina.”
Ann Zwinger
Downcanyon: A Naturalist Explores the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon

8 Alaska and Hawaii Travel Quotes

“I can’t even speak Hawaiian, but if you go there and listen to a Hawaiian song, you get captured because it’s so beautiful, like the melody is just gorgeous and you know Bob Marley is on the radio every single day. It’s very reggae-influenced down there. Basically, you haven’t been to paradise if you haven’t been to Hawaii.”    
Bruno Mars

“Hula is the language of the heart and, therefore, the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people.”
King David Kalakaua

“Hawaii is like an isolated jewel set in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. And like facets of a gem, the islands have their own unique qualities. Travellers who take the time to look beyond their obvious beauty will discover a chain of islands that is at once lush and stark, modern and ancient, simple and exotic.”
Rita Ariyoshi

“That greeting is Aloha – love, I love you, my love to you. Good day – what is it more than an impersonal remark about the weather? How do you do – it is personal in a merely casual interrogative sort of way. But Aloha! It is a positive affirmation of the warmth of one’s own heart-giving. My love to you! I love you! Aloha!”-
Jack London

“I greatly enjoyed the Hawaiian Islands. They are a real little paradise in spite of the influx of Americans who have made it one of their most pleasant ‘centers of resort’: the soft climate and luxuriance of the tropics; the greenness, the fragrance, the flowers – extraordinary flowers covering the tallest trees and turning them into huge bouquets.”
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“To the lover of wilderness, Alaska is one of the most wonderful countries in the world.”
John Muir

“Kids in Alaska don’t know they’re growing up on the Last Frontier. It’s just what they see on the license plates, and it’s something tourists like to say a lot because they’ve never been around so many mountains and moose before.”
Tom Bodett

“Alaska is our biggest, buggiest, boggiest state.” 
Edward Abbey

35 Best US City Travel Quotes

7 New York City Travel Quotes

“London is satisfied, Paris is resigned, but New York is always hopeful. Always it believes that something good is about to come off, and it must hurry to meet it.”
Dorothy Parker

“I regret profoundly that I was not an American and not born in Greenwich Village. It might be dying, and there might be a lot of dirt in the air you breathe, but this is where it’s happening.”
John Lennon

“My favorite thing about New York is the people, because I think they’re misunderstood. I don’t think people realize how kind New York people are.”
Bill Murray

“The true New Yorker secretly believes that people living anywhere else have to be, in some sense, kidding.”
John Updike

“I always remember to go on the Staten Island Ferry because it’s the most amazing view of New York. And it’s free! You see Ellis Island, and it conjures up something of that great moment: you know, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. It’s staggering.”
Tim Pigott-Smith

“Ï absolutely love the public transportation in New York. No matter what. No matter how many people complain, it is the best in the world.
Malachy McCourt

New York is a theme park for people with IQs over 108.”
Douglas Copeland

“It’s the most happening of cities, a place where over 200 languages are spoken and millions flock each year to see its world-famous sights. New York draws visitors in like nowhere else. The crowded streets of Manhattan are the stuff of legend.

First timers will want to head to the top of the Empire State Building and stand beneath the glare of the lights of Times Square. But there’s so much more to see and do, whether it’s catching an Off-Broadway play, checking out world class art at MoMA or shopping the streets of SoHo. Brooklyn’s hip neighborhoods of Greenpoint and Fort Greene offer a more relaxed vibe, while the food in Queens’ Chinatown is worth the long subway ride.
CNN Traveler

5 Chicago Travel Quotes

“Chicago still remains a Mecca of the Midwest—people from both coasts are kind of amazed how good life is in Chicago, and what a good culture we’ve got. You can have a pretty wonderful artistic life and never leave Chicago.”
Harold Ramis

“I miss everything about Chicago, except January and February.” 
Gary Cole

“Hog butcher for the world,
Tool maker, stacker of wheat,
Player with railroads and the nation’s freight handler;
Stormy, husky, brawling,
City of big shoulders.

Carl Sandburg, “Chicago,” 1916

“New York is one of the capitals of the world and Los Angeles is a constellation of plastic, San Francisco is a lady, Boston has become Urban Renewal, Philadelphia and Baltimore and Washington wink like dull diamonds in the smog of Eastern Megalopolis, and New Orleans is unremarkable past the French Quarter.

Detroit is a one-trade town, Pittsburgh has lost its golden triangle, St. Louis has become the golden arch of the corporation, and nights in Kansas City close early. The oil depletion allowance makes Houston and Dallas naught but checkerboards for this sort of game. But Chicago is a great American city. Perhaps it is the last of the great American cities.” 
Norman Mailer, Miami and the Siege of Chicago, 1968

“Ask anyone on the street what he or she likes most about Chicago, and you’ll mostly likely get “the friendly people.” But what makes Chicagoans so gosh darn friendly?

Perhaps it’s the camaraderie they form during the city’s harsh winters and blessed summers. Or maybe it’s because this Midwestern giant has some of the best museums, restaurants and architecture in the world — and it’s all actually affordable.Whatever the reason, there’s nothing “second” about the Second City in the hearts of its citizens — as well as most anyone else who’s explored this paradoxically folksy metropolis.”
CNN Traveler

8 Los Angeles Travel Quotes

Note: I lived more than half my life in and around Los Angeles. I love the City´s quirky diversity.

´”Los Angeles gives one the feeling of the future more strongly than any city I know of. A bad future, too, like something out of Fritz Lang’s feeble imagination.”
Henry Miller¨

If most American cities are about the consumption of culture, Los Angeles and New York are about the production of culture – not only national culture but global culture.”
Barbara Kruger

“Los Angeles was the kind of place where everybody was from somewhere else and nobody really dropped anchor. It was a transient place. People drawn by the dream, people running from the nightmare. Twelve million people and all of them ready to make a break for it if necessary. Figuratively, literally, metaphorically — any way you want to look at it — everbody in L.A. keeps a bag packed. Just in case.”
Michael Connelly

“I do love America. And LA is a very short commute to America its like half an hour on the plane.”
Craig Ferguson

“One good thing about New York is that most people function daily while in a low-grade depression. It’s not like if you’re in Los Angeles, where everyone’s so actively working on cheerfulness and mental and physical health that if they sense you’re down, they shun you. Also, all that sunshine is a cruel joke when you’re depressed. In New York, even in your misery, you feel like you belong.”
Mindy Kaling

“One of the interesting things about Los Angeles is that it’s still supplying the whole of the world with its dreams through movies and songs and TV  – often of an all -American family at the same time as the real Los Angeles is peopled by souls from Vietnam, Guatemala, and Korea who look nothing like the images being beamed out. I think all that is going to have to change and illusion is going to have to catch up with reality in that regard.”
Pico Iyer

“I keep trying to tell people that Los Angeles is already the largest Indian city in the U.S., that there are Toltecs playing Little League baseball in Pasadena, Mayans making beds at the Marriott in Westwood, and Chichimecs driving buses in L.A. Los Angeles is a majority-Indian city.”
Richard Rodriguez

Tinseltown. La La Land. Los Angeles is easily reduced to cliché. But it doesn’t take much to discover there’s so much more than the glitz and glamor for which it’s renowned. Miracle Mile is home to some of the United States’ very best museums, including the LA County Museum of Art and the fascinating La Brea Tar Pits.

Downtown LA has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, with a wealth of excellent new restaurants and bars. Then, of course, there’s the beach: Options for an afternoon chilling on the sand are plentiful, from Santa Monica to Redondo. More active types can escape the smog by exploring some of LA’s canyon and hills on a network of superb hiking trails.”
CNN Traveler

4 Miami Travel Quotes

“Each city has its own culinary landscape. For instance, Miami, which has already aired, has this wonderful blend of Caribbean culture and Latin American culture and Southern American culture (talking about fried chicken). All those combine to make for a very very interesting array of ingredients, restaurants, and the chefs that come there. It also has great seafood, not to mention the glorious citrus that’s there. And all those things inform what you do–and they should.
Padma Lakshmi

“One of my favorite vacation places is Miami, because of the people, the water, and the beach (of course), and the architecture on Miami Beach is so wonderful.”
Oksana Baiul

“Miami Beach is a completely interesting hybrid because it is, on the one hand, a resort and, on the other hand, a real city. This condition of city and water on two sides I think is really amazing. And in the heart of that city, it has put an enormous convention center, an enormous physical presence.”
Rem Koolhaas

“It’s not that the best of Miami’s days as a party town are over. It’s that there’s a lot more going on these days than sun, sex and sand.

In the best of Miami, visual arts are thriving, world-renowned architects are reshaping the skyline and an almost unfair share of award-winning chefs have brought about a dynamic foodie scene.

That said, you’ll still find a cocktail menu everywhere from the pool to the ballpark. In this city, happy hour is an ethos.
CNN Traveler

7 San Francisco Travel Quotes

Note: I lived in the Bay Area for six years. It’s beautiful, hip, and cosmopolitan.

“San Francisco is perhaps the most European of all American cities.”
Cecil Beaton

“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”
Mark Twain

“If free speech and individuality are American characteristics, there is no place more American than San Francisco.”
Desi Del Valle

“I’m just mad for San Francisco. It’s like London and Paris stacked on top of each other.”—

“Suddenly [we] reached a height and saw stretched out ahead of us the fabulous white city of San Francisco on her eleven mystic hills with the blue Pacific and its advancing wall of potato-patch fog beyond, and smoke and goldenness in the late afternoon of time.”  
Jack Kerouac

“I think the beauty of San Francisco is that you can skip without really freaking anybody out.”
Chris Reifsteck

“Anyone who doesn’t have a great time in San Francisco is pretty much dead to me.”
Anthony Bourdain

5 Best Washington DC Travel Quotes

“Washington is a city of Southern efficiency and Northern charm.”
John F. Kennedy

“It’s almost impossible to be funnier than the people in Washington.”
Carol Burnett

“When I was 13 years old, I went to visit my aunt and uncle in Washington, D.C., and they just deposited me at the National Gallery. I would go from Rembrandt to Picasso – I remember that experience so vividly.”
John Lithgow

“A short distance away is the Tidal Basin, ringed by cherry trees that every year produce flowers, an event to which Washingtonians react as though it were the Second Coming of Christ.”
Dave Barry

“I have never really liked this city. It was forced on me against my will by ambitious parents in search of greater opportunities and better lives. That’s why everyone comes here, to this seductive monument to self-advancement or at the very least, self-preservation.

It’s a city that doesn’t take risks. Men wear boxy suit jackets over golf shirts tucked into khakis. Women wear sensible skirts, pantsuits and pumps. They all pull roller backpacks behind them because of subway ads enumerating the signs and evils of scoliosis as they walk to big-box buildings made of similarly colored sandstone.

You can’t get lost here because there’s nothing to lose yourself in. These avenues, at least downtown, are not built for wanderers, and these monuments are constructed to inspire awe not contemplation.

But things have changed if only to protect the desire to remain the same. The streets have more barricades because the streets have more impromptu protesters, a dismal lot with their posterboard signs and hoarse-voiced chants against the monster in power and his minions. There are more armored vehicles now and more police officers in tactical gear and body armor wielding large black guns.

It’s a brave new world wrapped around the old one to make it great again.”
Uzodinma Iweala

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Paul Heller has been a lifelong avid traveler and language learner and teacher, Even as a child, he told Santa Claus that he wanted to visit all the children worldwide. At seven years old, Paul wanted to retire to Mexico. At eight, he memorized the name, capital, location, and some facts about every country worldwide. At twelve, he found a book "Lonely Planet: Southeast Asia on a Shoestring" and started developing his own itinerary for a future round-the-world trip. He remained obsessed with travel; after getting a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Southern California and working as an administrator, He spent his vacations going to different countries around the globe studying language, touring, and volunteering. In 1994, he quit his job and lived in Russia as a volunteer English instructor. He discovered that he loved teaching languages. In 2004, he decided to make a living out of his travels and founded a community of people who love to travel just like him. He developed 5 three-hour classes about living and traveling long-term worldwide which he taught in over 50 adult education programs throughout the US. After his parents passed, he realized his dream of traveling around the world; cruising and touring some of the most remote places like the North Atlantic, Patagonia, and Oceania; and learning new languages (he knows Spanish, Italian, French, and Russian). Paul encourages everyone to learn foreign languages. He knows that it can be frustrating and slow but that anyone can learn a language if they put in the work and, most importantly, learning a language is well worth the time and effort because it opens up a whole new set of people, ideas, and cultures. He is currently spending the next chapter of his life in Mérida, México. He is excited about using this blog and his classes and workshops to inspire and equip fellow Fifty Plus Nomads with the language, cultural, and psychological skills necessary to be successful and happy long-term travelers and expats over 50.

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