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Frequently Asked Questions About Fifty Plus Nomad’s “Living and Traveling in Mexico” and “Travel, Long-Term on Any Budget[ Workshops

What Do These Two Workshops Cover?

  • While attending the 10 to 20-hour Living and Traveling in Mexico workshop online or at my home in Merida, Mexico, we will explore the best place for you to live in Mexico, the basic logistics of setting up life in Mexico (real estate, visas, etc.) and what my experience shows is the most important ingredient in developing a happy life in Mexico: Understanding and Adapting to the Mexican Culture and Lifestyle.
  • Extended, Round-the-World Travel Workshop (20 hours) will save you time and money and help you bring your extended, round-the-world travel dreams into reality. Long-term, round-the-world travel takes more work and psychological adaption and less money than most people think. Yet, the eight years I spent traveling around the world was the most enjoyable of my life. I am confident that you will feel the same about your long-term travel adventures if you follow the suggestions presented in this workshop.

When Do the Courses and Workshops Take Place?

Since courses and workshops are all 1-on-1, we can schedule classes around your personal schedule, subject to availability.

Classes are available from 7 am to 9 pm everyday.

Where Do the Courses and Workshops Take Place?

Courses and workshops are available online or in person.

Ideally, it is best to come to Merida to take these courses in-person and stay at the Casa Los Dos Gallos in Merida, Mexico. That way, you can concentrate on the lessons without distractions, and I can arrange for you to meet to visit fellow expats to share advice and friendship.

However, I know that studying in Merida may not be possible. That’s why I offer classes online.

Costs of Fifty Plus Nomad’s Spanish Courses and Workshops

  • The “Living and Traveling in Mexico” is 10-20 hours long and costs $250-500
  • The “Travel, Long-Term, Round-the-World on Any Budget” is 20 hours long and costs $500.

Fifty Plus Nomad believes that to effectively live and travel in Mexico ideally should involve both learning Spanish and understanding how Mexican culture works. We also think that if you want to travel hassle-free in the Spanish-speaking world, you should learn some Spanish and long-term travel skills together.

Therefore, we offer the following packages that combine our Spanish courses and workshops and either the “Living and Traveling in Mexico” and the “Travel, Long-Term, Round-the-World” Workshop:

If you take the courses or workshops in person, you will also receive:

What Will We Discuss During Our Free Introductory Session?

After completing this booking form, you’ll be directed to a calendar to schedule a 2-hour FREE introductory session with me (Paul Heller). The Introductory Session is designed to ensure the workshops meet your needs, help design the curriculum, schedule the workshop or course dates, and, if appropriate, schedule your stay in the casita.

I want to set aside 2-hours to ensure that everything is addressed during the meeting. However, 2 hours is the maximum time commitment. It may be possible to resolve everything in much less time.

Following the call, you will receive a 50% deposit payment link if you decide to take the course or workshop. Pay Pal or Credit Card can pay the deposit. The rest of the payment (payable in cash, PayPal, or credit card) will be due when the class begins.


I can also provide accommodations in the casita, Casita Lobita, in the back of the house. Students in our Intensive Course can also stay with a local family (homestay) for a modest, discounted additional cost.

Staying in the casita and/or with a host family is highly recommended to allow you to practice the Spanish you learn in the class in real-life situations and remember what you’ve learned faster.

Beginning students are encouraged to spend one month in the casita (or Airbnb or hotel) and the rest of the class with a local family as part of a homestay.


The casita, Casita Lobita, is available at a 33% discount to Fifty Plus Nomad Students. The casita is at the back of my house, Casa Los Dos Gallos. It has air conditioning, a small kitchenette (refrigerator and microwave), a TV with Netflix, dependable WiFi, and a small bathroom. Casita guests also have access to an outside patio, a washer and dryer, and a fully stocked kitchen. I also rent the casita through Airbnb, so it may not be available during your stay.


Homestays are available and recommended for students with some Spanish under their belt who want to use Fifty Plus Nomad’s Intensive Course to function well in most situations in Spanish.

I recommend that you wait until you have some Spanish under your belt before studying with a family. (English students will be placed in the home of local expat English-speaking families, subject to availability).

Homestay accommodation may be quite modest. You can have your own bedroom but may not have your own bathroom. Most likely, you will not have air conditioning either.

One meal per day is included with the homestay. You will be provided with information about your homestay arrangements upon placement. Homestays are subject to availability.

Cost of Homestays and Casita

The cost of staying with a host family and casita is the same. The cost of staying with a host family and casita is the same: $100 per week for four weeks and $80 per week for each additional week.

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