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Frequently Asked Questions About Fifty Plus Nomad’s Spanish Courses and Workshops

What Spanish Courses and Workshops Does Fifty Plus Nomad Offer?

Fifty Plus Nomad offers the following four Spanish courses and workshops:

  • Intensive 1-on-1 personalized courses: Our intensive classes use our exclusive Polyglot Method to help you learn enough Spanish to make the most of your life abroad, form lifelong friendships with locals, read newspapers and watch TV. Spanish classes are specially designed for students over 50 who have not succeeded with other Spanish classes. (The intensive course is only available if you make a 100-hour minimum time commitment).
  • Survival Spanish for expats (60 hours) and long-term travelers (30 hours): Our Survival Spanish workshops are designed to help you function in some of the common situations face during your time in Spanish-speaking countries.
  • How to teach yourself Spanish or English (30 hours). (Recommended if you have at least 100 hours of English or Spanish study under your belt).

We recommend most students sign up for Fifty Plus Nomad’s Intensive one-on-one Spanish personalized course for 100+ hours, if possible. Typically, you will only begin to see notable improvements in your conversational ability after 100 hours of studies. If you can take 300 or more hours of Intensive one-on-one Spanish classes, you will be able to communicate about almost any topic you need.

That said, we realize that 100 hours of personalized instruction is not possible or best for every student. Therefore, we allow you to take 100 hours or fewer of classes if you’d like. We also offer three shorter-term Spanish workshops: Teach Yourself Spanish (30 hours, best for students with some basic Spanish conversation skills), Survival Spanish for Expats (60 hours), and Survival Spanish for Long-Term Travelers (30 hours).

How Are Fifty Plus Nomad’s Spanish Courses and Workshops Different than Other Language Schools?

Fifty Plus Nomad, Unlike Most Schools and Courses, Teaches Spanish Personalized to the Needs of Each Student

Many teachers nowadays learn how to teach Spanish using just one or two methods. The most typical method is the natural approach which uses the target language (in our case Spanish) exclusively in all instruction.

Most language schools also only teach group courses that use a set curriculum. The predesigned curriculum is usually thoughtfully developed and effective for the bulk of the school’s students.

However, in my experience, these group classes and set curriculums aren’t designed for students over 50; instead, they cater to students who:

  • Can complete around 500 hours of classes using the same methodology throughout the course.
  • Are young and have recent experience learning other foreign languages.
  • Come from many nationalities, making it impossible to explain a foreign language in the student’s native language or show how Spanish or English is similar or different.
  • Need to pass an exam. The European Union sponsors thousand of scholarships through the Erasmus program every year for students to study outside their native countries. The European Union requires students to pass a language test before starting their study programs.

Unlike most teachers, I have my own method of teaching called the Polyglot Method. My Polyglot Method comes from my own experiences, my studies about how polyglots successfully learn multiple foreign languages, and my observations about the needs of learners over 50.

When I decided to teach English and Spanish workshops, I spent a lot of time studying how polyglots learn multiple languages. I found the key to polyglot success was patience and flexibility.

Almost every polyglot develop their own methods for learning a foreign language. Some love grammar; others learn primarily by talking to native speakers; still, others spend 100s of hours listening to TV shows and movies in their target language. There is only one constant to most polyglots’ success: they take the required time to learn a foreign language and experiment until they find ways to know that work for them.

The Polyglot Method uses many different methods until we find YOUR best learning methods. (Usually, most students need to change the methods they use a couple of times before they begin to master Spanish or English). I will also encourage and gently push you until you learn enough Spanish to deal with most situations in Mexico comfortably.

Since I have been a student using every method and was trained as a teacher using the eclectic approach, I know which strategies work for me and which ones may work for you. I also know how to adjust different methods to fit your personal needs.

Occasionally we will probably have some problems on the road to Spanish mastery. However, I know that these moments will be quickly forgotten when you really learn Spanish. One of the most enjoyable moments of my life is when a student is finally able to make a real success in their language learning journey. I am sure that if you just keep going, you will be glad you invested the time and effort to learn Spanish.

Fifty Plus Nomad Offers Mostly One-on-One Courses

Fifty Plus Nomas only teaches intensive courses to students one-on-one. We don’t believe that group classes work well in most classes for students over 50.

Most group courses usually have students with many different levels in the same class. In addition, some students are faster than others, and each student has different needs. As a result, sometimes students are stuck studying something they already mastered while another student struggles or the class moves forward before the student gets much out of the lesson.

I offer group workshops (limited to 3 students) only to students who want to learn only enough Spanish to travel around Latin America or Spain or want to be able to function in a few typical expat daily situations. Since these workshops have a common goal and curriculum, I can ensure that students meet their needs even if they have different skill levels at the start of their classes.

Fifty Plus Nomad Uses English When Necessary in My Spanish Classes

I also only teach Spanish to students who are native speakers of English or French. Therefore, I can explain grammar in English or French when necessary and show you how English and French are different or similar to Spanish. I also can work with you to translate Spanish language songs, TV programs, and short stories, when appropriate, into English and French.

I wasted a lot of time learning French and Spanish because I did not understand the teacher’s grammatical explanations in those languages. I even spent three frustrating weeks trying to learn the past tense in French, only to learn that the rules for using the past in Spanish and French were nearly the same. Once I made this discovery, I learned the past by buying a grammar book for Spanish students learning French and doing exercises in that book for just two days.

Fifty Plus Nomad Courses and Workshops Use Mexican Spanish Mostly

Most of my students want to or already live and travel long-term around Mexico. In addition, I learned most of my Spanish in Mexico and hire Mexicans to teach or help teach Fifty-Plus Nomad’s courses and workshops.

Therefore, Fifty Plus Nomad uses Mexican Spanish as the base of our Spanish Intensive Courses and Survival Spanish for Expats Workshops. Depending on the student’s needs and wants, we can supplement the courses and workshops with Spanish used in other countries, particularly in our “Survival Spanish for Travelers” and “Teach Yourself Spanish” workshops.

Note: My 1-on-1 Intensive courses are particularly well-suited for students with 20 hours of study elsewhere. Many online language classes are well-designed to give absolute beginners the confidence they need to continue studying. In addition, once you’ve completed classes elsewhere, you’ll already be familiar with some of my methods. Most students who have already taken other Spanish classes understand the benefits and limitations of these methods and are more willing to work with Fifty Plus Nomad to find the methods that work for them.

When Do the Courses and Workshops Take Place?

All intensive One-on-One Personalized Spanish courses and the Teach Yourself English and Spanish workshops are only available to individual students. I don’t believe that group classes work well in most cases for students over 50.

Most group courses usually have students with many different levels in the same class. In addition, some students are faster than others, and each student has different needs. As a result, sometimes students are stuck studying something they already mastered while another student struggles or the class moves forward before the student gets much out of the lesson.

Since courses and workshops are all 1-on-1, we can schedule classes around your personal schedule, subject to availability.

Classes are available from 7 am to 9 pm everyday.

It is generally better to schedule class sessions as consecutively as possible. For example, if you decide to take 200 hours of classes, you’ll have slightly better results if you take 2 hours a day of classes for 100 days than if you take 2 hours a week for 100 weeks. If you don’t take classes consecutively, we will have to review previous lessons more.

However, how often you schedule the courses is not as important as developing a schedule that ensures that you can continue to take classes consistently until you meet your goals,

I offer group workshops (limited to 3 students) only to students in the following Survival Spanish for Expats and Travelers Workshops. Since these workshops have a common goal and curriculum, I can ensure that students meet their needs even if they have different skill levels at the start of their classes.

Where Do the Courses and Workshops Take Place?

Courses and workshops are available online or in person.

Ideally, it is best to come to Merida to take these courses in-person and stay at the Casa Los Dos Gallos in Merida, Mexico. That way, you can concentrate on the lessons without distractions, and I can arrange for you to meet with locals to practice your Spanish and to visit fellow expats to share advice and friendship.

However, I know that studying in Merida may not be possible. That’s why I offer classes online.

You may want to take classes as frequently as possible online and then take an intensive language course with me when you are in Merida (or vice-versa).

If you want to take both online and in-person classes, I recommend that you take the online classes before coming to Merida. If you have at least 50 hours under your belt before you come to Merida, we will be able to integrate visits to local places and talks with locals to allow you to practice in a Spanish-speaking environment.

Costs of Fifty Plus Nomad’s Spanish Courses and Workshops

Fifty Plus Nomad believes that to effectively live and travel in Mexico, you need to learn more than just Spanish. You also need to understand how Mexican culture works and how to travel hassle-free, Therefore, we offer our Spanish students FREE workshops to help them be more effective expats and long-term travelers.

Fifty Plus Nomad offers the following packages:

If you take 50 hours of the Intensive Spanish courses or any of our workshops in person, you will also receive:

What Will We Discuss During Our Free Introductory Session?

After completing this booking form, you’ll be directed to a calendar to schedule a 2-hour FREE introductory session with me (Paul Heller). The Introductory Session is designed to ensure the courses and workshops meet your needs, help design the curriculum, let you experience a sample class (for potential students in our Intensive course students) schedule the workshop or course dates, and, if appropriate, schedule your stay in the casita.

I want to set aside 2-hours to ensure that everything is addressed during the meeting. However, 2 hours is the maximum time commitment. It may be possible to resolve everything in much less time.

We offer most potential workshop and course participants a free introductory class and consulting session up to 2 hours long to help:

  • Ensure that courses and workshops are right for you.
  • Allow you to experience a sample class.
  • Let us get to know each other and explore your dreams and goals together.
  • Schedule the courses and workshop
  • Fifty-Plus Nomad design the perfect course or workshop for you.

Following the call, you will receive a 50% deposit payment link if you decide to take the course or workshop. Pay Pal or Credit Card can pay the deposit. The rest of the payment (payable in cash, PayPal, or credit card) will be due when the class begins.


I can also provide accommodations in the casita, Casita Lobita, in the back of the house. Students in our Intensive Course can also stay with a local family (homestay) for a modest, discounted additional cost.

Staying in the casita and/or with a host family is highly recommended to allow you to practice the Spanish you learn in the class in real-life situations and remember what you’ve learned faster.

Beginning students are encouraged to spend one month in the casita (or Airbnb or hotel) and the rest of the class with a local family as part of a homestay.


The casita, Casita Lobita, is available at a 33% discount to Fifty Plus Nomad Students. The casita is at the back of my house, Casa Los Dos Gallos. It has air conditioning, a small kitchenette (refrigerator and microwave), a TV with Netflix, dependable WiFi, and a small bathroom. Casita guests also have access to an outside patio, a washer and dryer, and a fully stocked kitchen. I also rent the casita through Airbnb, so it may not be available during your stay.


Homestays are available and recommended for students with some Spanish under their belt who want to use Fifty Plus Nomad’s Intensive Course to function well in most situations in Spanish.

I recommend that you wait until you have some Spanish under your belt before studying with a family. (English students will be placed in the home of local expat English-speaking families, subject to availability).

Homestay accommodation may be quite modest. You are guaranteed to have your own bedroom but may not have your own bathroom. Most likely, you will not have air conditioning either.

One meal per day is included with the homestay. You will be provided with information about your homestay arrangements upon placement. Homestays are subject to availability.

Cost of Homestays and Casita

The cost of staying with a host family and casita are the same. The cost of staying with a host family and casita is the same: $100 per week for four weeks and $80 per week for each additional week.

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