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Ready to Make Your Dreams to Travel Long-Term, Round-the-World, Live in Mexico, or Speak Spanish or English Comfortably Come True?

If So, Take One of Our Courses and Workshops, Taught Online or at the Casa Los Dos Gallos in Merida, and We’ll Work Together to Make Your Dreams a Reality

Courses and Workshops Are Designed Just for You and to Fit Your Schedule

Fifty Plus Nomad Offers You the One-of-a-Kind Opportunity to Work with an Expert to Create the Life of Your Dreams to Travel Long-Term Travel Round-the-World or Living and Traveling in Mexico.

We Also Offer Personalized, One-on-One Spanish and English Courses and Workshops Guaranteed to Help You Reach Your Goals.

After traveling around the world for eight years; studying and teaching English as a Foreign Language for three years; learning Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian using every one of the 10 common language learning methodologies; and extensively studying Mexican and Yucatan culture since childhood, Paul Heller launched Fifty Plus Nomad to share his knowledge and passion for long-term, round-the-world travel, Mexico and learning foreign languages with the world.

Fifty Plus Nomad offers 10 courses and workshops to help you make your dreams of living in Mexico; traveling long-term, round-the-world; and speaking Spanish and English comfortably come true.

We also offer over 100 comprehensive, thoughtful, and well-researched posts about many different topics covering living and traveling in Mexico, extended round-the-world travel, and learning foreign languages.

Fifty Plus Nomad’s 1-on-1 Spanish and English Courses and Workshops

Work with Paul Heller, Owner and Founder of Fifty Plus Nomad, and his team at the Casa Los Dos Gallos or online (or a mixture of both) to learn:

  • Sufficient Spanish or English in our intensive 1-on-1 personalized classes using Paul Heller’s exclusive Polyglot Method to make the most of your life abroad, form lifelong friendships with locals, read newspapers and watch TV. Spanish classes are specially designed for students over 50 who have not succeeded with other Spanish classes. (The intensive course is only available if you make a 100-hour minimum time commitment).
  • Enough Spanish to function in many common situations expats (60 hours) and long-term travelers (30 hours) face during their time in Spanish-speaking countries.
  • How to teach yourself Spanish or English (30 hours). (Recommended if you have at least 100 hours of English or Spanish study under your belt).

Yucatan Society and Culture Workshop and Rustic Home-Cooked Yucatan Meal

  • Want to better fit into and understand how Yucatecan society and culture function? Take my exclusive, 3-hour personalized 1-on-1 Yucatan Culture and Society workshop.
  • My business partner, Juan Carlos, is an excellent cook. He has a degree in hospitality management and has catered many events around the Yucatan. He offers a typical rustic home-cooked Yucatecan meal for one to six people at the Casa Los Dos Gallos.

Extended, Long-Term Travel and Living and Traveling in Mexico Workshops

  • The 10 to 20-hour Living and Traveling in Mexico workshop explores the best place for you to live in Mexico, the basic logistics of setting up life in Mexico (real estate, visas, etc.) and what my experience shows is the most important ingredient in truly developing a happy life in Mexico: Understanding and Adapting to the Mexican Culture and Lifestyle.
  • Extended, Round-the-World Travel Workshop (20 hours) will save you time and money and help you bring your extended, round-the-world travel dreams into reality. Long-term, round-the-world travel takes more work and psychological adaption and less money than most people think. Yet, the eight years I spent traveling around the world were the most enjoyable of my life. I am confident you will feel the same if you follow the suggestions presented in this workshop.

Why Are Most of the Workshops and Courses Offered 1-on-1 Only?

I don’t like teaching groups as much as one-on-one courses and workshops because every student has different needs, wants, and learning styles. I enjoy designing the perfect course for each student and get great satisfaction knowing that my students are genuinely mastering the material.

In addition, by offering one-on-one courses, I can schedule the classes around my students’ schedules. Some students may need or want to take classes one hour a week for many weeks: others may be able to learn by taking classes every day. While it is better to take classes intensively, it is more important to schedule classes in a manner that makes it easy to take classes consistently.

Not Ready to Take a Course or Workshop But Still Want to Be Part of the Fifty Plus Nomad Community?

While the best way you can benefit from Fifty Plus Nomad’s services is to take advantage of one of our courses or workshops, we still would like you to be part of the Fifty Plus Nomad community even if you don’t want or can’t participate in our courses or workshops.

So, sit back, relax and:

Your new adventure awaits…

The pictured Hanal Pixan (Yucatecan Day of the Dead) Altar was created by Juan Carlos Cab, my business partner, to teach our friends and students about local Mayan Day of the Dead traditions. My family Yemi, is dressed up as a catrina.

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