¿Te gustaría aprender Inglés con un hablante de inglés nativo que también pueda explicar cosas en español? ¿Quieres aprender inglés con alguien que reconoce que las necesidades de personas mayores son distintas a la de los de jovenes? Toma clases de ingles individuales en linea o en Merida, México con Fifty-Plus Nomad.

Fifty Plus Nomad is dedicated to becoming the best source of unbiased, useful, and up-to-date information and services for long-term travelers and expats over 50. Fifty Plus Nomad also offers classes in English and Spanish specially designed for the needs of older learners and workshop where travelers and expats can work benefit from my sixteen years of experience traveling around the world or live n Mexico.

Even though living in the Yucatan can be frustrating at times, I am glad I settled here after traveling around the world for 8 years. I love the rich culture,, relaxed yet respectful people, and the fascinating history, food, and culture.. I know you will too, especially if you take a bit of time to get to kno0w more about the region through the Yucatecan Culture Workshop. (I also recommend that you consider taking our longer and more intensive Living and Traveling in Mexico culture, too).

Introducing Fifty-Plus Nomad Spanish and English classes in my home in Merida, Mexico or online . Come learn Spanish or English using the same techniques used by polyglots. (Generally you should plan on studying Spanish with me, or under my gudance for 100 to 300 hours).