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20+ Best Long Term Travel Advice Quotes

After traveling and living abroad for 16 years I believe that successful long-term traveling and living abroad is more about attitude than logistics. Reading these quotes, you´ll see that I am not alone. Almost everyone feels that travel is more about learning and personal growth than sightseeing.
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20+ Best Solo Travel Quotes

Here are 20+ of the best solo travel quotes covering life lessons learned from solo travel, inspiration for solo travel, and making friends on the road.
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10 Overlooked Reasons to Include Guided Tours in Long-Term Travel Plans

One of my biggest surprises in traveling around the world for five years was how much I enjoyed guided multi-day tours. It is nice to have other people deal with arrangements. Many of the tour guides are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. My fellow travelers were usually kind and interested…
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20+ Best Eastern Europe Travel Quotes

Eastern Europe is my favorite part of Europe. I spent around 3 months traveling in Eastern Europe. I was enamored by the region’s food, culture, and exoticness. These quotes will help you understand why the region holds such allure for me.
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