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20+ Best Eastern Europe Travel Quotes

Eastern Europe is my favorite part of Europe. I spent around 3 months traveling in Eastern Europe. I was enamored by the region’s food, culture, and exoticness. These quotes will help you understand why the region holds such allure for me.
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20+ Best Quotes About Leisure Travel

In small doses, I love resorts, amusement parks, and festivals during my long-term travels. They are like the perfect little break when traveling intensely around the world. I selected these quotes because they capture why I treasure these travel experiences.
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40+ Best Italy Travel Quotes

Everyone loves traveling in Italy. Italy has more world heritage sites than any other country. Italian food, wine, fashion, architecture, and art are among the best in the world. As these quotes show, Italy has captivated travelers for centuries.
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35+ Best Spain Travel Quotes

As a native Californian and a Spanish speaker, Spain and Portugal feel like my European home. The architecture, food, landscapes, weather,, and wine feel familiar and comfortable. Hopefully, if you read these quotes, you´ll understand more about my feelings for these delightful countries.
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Fun Short-Term Classes for Long-Term Travelers and Expats Worldwide

My favorite type of travel experience is taking short term classes for travelers. I have taken dozens of such classes (learning vacations) in everything from Mexican medicine to elephant training. No aspect of travel has so influenced who I am as a person and how I view the world.
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One of my favorite concerts took place in this hall at Troldsalen, the home of Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, near Bergen, Norway. Looking out the window at a beautiful seascape I could feel the connection between Grieg's romantic music and his home. If you look below at Grieg's quote in this Best England and Scandinavia Travel Quotes post, you can see that he accomplished his dream. (Photo By Jshovland - Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7038449)

30+ Best England and Scandinavia Travel Quotes

I have spent over 6 weeks traveling around England and Scandanavia. While I feel like I have acquired some valuable understanding of these countries, these quotes provide some valuable new perspectives about this beasutiful, tranquil, and humane corner of Europe.
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