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I loved eating pizzas like this in Naples. Almost every day for two weeks in Naples I tried different pizzas. Hard life, huh? Hopefully, these food and travel quotes will inspire you to embark on your culinary adventures, too. (Photo by Kai Pilger from Pexels)

30+ Best Food and Travel Quotes

Trying and learning about new foods is one of the joys of traveling and living abroad long-term. This page of quotes about traveling and food will help inspire you to hit the road to try new foods, too.
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7 Little-Known Types of Modern Day Nomads and Expats

This post explores how Fifty-Plus Nomads are different and similar to expats, refugees, immigrants, and migrants. It also talks about different communities that are similar to Fifty-Plus Nomads like snowbirds, RVers, and vanlifers.
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This Indian meal photo inspires me to want to eat my way across India again. Hopefully, these best India travel quotes will inspire you to explore this incredible country. You'll be glad you did. .(Photo by Chan Walrus from Pexels)

25+ Best India Travel Quotes

I have spent around three months traveling in India India is so diverse and different from the US that I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. Read these quotes for more perspective about why India is so fascinating.
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One of my favorite off-the-beaten-path European sites is the Hundertwasser Museum in Vienna. Hundertwasser created some of the most colorful and distinctive art and architecture anywhere. As you'll see in these Best Germany and Western Europe Travel Quotes, Western Europe is filled with history, culture, and world-class cities like Vienna. (Photo by Claudia Schmalz from Pexels)

20+ Best Central Europe Travel Quotes

My biggest surprise traveling worldwide for eight years was how much I loved Berlin and Vienna. Both of which quickly become two of my top ten favorite cities globally. I collected these travel quotes to capture my fond feelings for this beautiful part of the world.
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20+ Best Central America Travel Quotes

i have spent around 6 months in Central America. I love the relaxed tropical vibe and the incredibly diverse population throughout the region. I selected quotes that offer a more detailed exploration of why the region is so compelling.
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20+ Best Eastern Europe Travel Quotes

Eastern Europe is my favorite part of Europe. I spent around 3 months traveling in Eastern Europe. I was enamored by the region’s food, culture, and exoticness. These quotes will help you understand why the region holds such allure for me.
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Independent Versus Group Travel Over 50: Advantages and Disadvantages

During my five years traveling around the world, I spent about half my time traveling independently and the other half on group tours, cruises, volunteering, and learning vacations. I love the freedom to explore things in depth that comes with independent travel. However, I find exclusively traveling independently to…
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4 Reasons Why Travel Companies Prefer Business Versus Leisure Travelers

The travel industry gets most of its clients from leisure travelers. However, it makes more money from business than leisure passengers. The airlines put up with us leisure travelers because they couldn’t survive without us. However, they don’t hide their preference for business travelers.
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