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Top 11 Travel Food Safety Tips

Nothing can ruin your Fifty-Plus Nomad adventures faster than diarrhea, parasite, or other food-borne illness. Read here to discover 11 tips to avoid food safety problems. Hopefully, like me, you’ll find that you have fewer food-related problems as you travel for more time.
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I loved eating pizzas like this in Naples. Almost every day for two weeks in Naples I tried different pizzas. Hard life, huh? Hopefully, these food and travel quotes will inspire you to embark on your culinary adventures, too. (Photo by Kai Pilger from Pexels)

30+ Best Food and Travel Quotes

Trying and learning about new foods is one of the joys of traveling and living abroad long-term. This page of quotes about traveling and food will help inspire you to hit the road to try new foods, too.
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My 3 Most Magical Travel Stories from Yaizu, Gatchina, and Cairo

Two of the best moments of my life occurred while traveling. The first was the overwhelming kindness of Japanese people that I met spending summer 1979 as a fourteen-year-old exchange student in Yaizu, Japan. The second was an unexpected exclusive visit and dinner at the Czarist summer palace in…
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20+ Best Learning and Travel Quotes

My favorite thing about travel is learning about life around the world. May this page of quotes about learning and travel from my Fifty-Plus Nomad blog and Facebook group page help inspire you to see the world, too.
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35+ Best France Travel Quotes

I have a special place in my heart for France. France has my favorite food, painting style (Impressionism), and architecture worldwide. The people can be very opinionated, but they are also very hospitable and probably the most helpful people if you’re in a pinch in all of Western Europe. Read…
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