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25+ Best New Zealand and Australia and South Pacific Travel Quotes

Check out my collection of the Best Australia and New Zealand Travel Quotes and discover why this far-off corner of the world impressed me more than expected. Both countries feel geographically like the Western United States populated and governed by boisterous Canadians. (To me, the perfect combination)
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Choosing the Right Place to Retire in Mexico

One of the main challenges for expat retirees in Mexico is choosing the right place to live. This post explores the advantages and disadvantages of living in five types of communities in Mexico: expat havens, locally-oriented expat communities, Gringo Ghettoes, off-the beaten path communities, and business havens
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25+ Best Quotes About Air Travel

While I agree that Air Travel can be romantic and miraculous, the reality is that over the past 50 years the romance has been replaced by a mixture of tedium and frustration. These air travel quotes reflect both the good and the bad parts of air travel.
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50+ Best Travel Memoirs From Fifty Plus Nomad

This post contains a list of Paul Heller’s, the Founder of Fifty-Plus Nomad, top 50 travel memoirs. Paul deliberately chose books that cover a wide range of countries and types of long-term travelers and expats..
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35+ Best Spain Travel Quotes

As a native Californian and a Spanish speaker, Spain and Portugal feel like my European home. The architecture, food, landscapes, weather,, and wine feel familiar and comfortable. Hopefully, if you read these quotes, you´ll understand more about my feelings for these delightful countries.
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When I read these best money and travel quotes, I think about Dubai. It is stunning that Dubai was just a tiny pearl-diving village fifty years ago. Today, no city seems to ooze money like Dubai. Photo by Ivan Siarbolin from Pexels

30+ Best Money and Travel Quotes

Many people use money as an excuse to not travel as much as they would like. But, it doesn’t have to be. Read these quotes about travel and money from my Fifty-Plus Nomad blog and Facebook group page. to worry about money less and travel more.
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I selected these Best Caribbean Travel Quotes to showcase the region´s spectacular diversity. Perhaps my favorite place in the Caribbean is the Caroni Swanp in Trinidad. I sar transfixed as I watched as hundreds of scarlet and white ibis came to roost for the night in these trees. I love the Caribbean's incredible ethnic and natural diversity Where else could you see such an awe-inspiring place like Caroni swamp? (Photo by Charles J. Sharp - Own work, from Sharp (Photography, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=38230008)

20+ Best Caribbean Travel Quotes

As these Best Caribbean Travel Quotes show, the Caribbean’s cultural and natural diversity is unmatched. People from every corner of the world populated the region and contributed to its rich culinary and cultural life. In addition, the Caribbean’s landscapes vary from deserts (like Aruba) to jungles (like Grenada).
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