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20+ Best Portugal Travel Quotes

Portugal is perhaps Europe’s best lesser-known place to live and visit. I have collected these quotes about Fado (Portuguese music), Portuguese cuisine, and Portugal’s fascinating seafaring history to show off this wonderful corner of Europe.
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15 Tips for Finding the Best Guided Tours for You

One of my biggest surprised while traveling around the world in the 20102 is how fond I became of guided and escorted multi-day tours. I feel blessed to have many guides who brought the history and culture of places to life while taking excellent care of their guest’s needs. However,…
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Here is my collection of the best Japan and China travel quotes. I don't know China as well as I'd like; but, I have a special place in my heart from all things Japanese. I remember visiting this Golden Temple, Kinkakuji, in Nara in 1979 as a 14-year-old exchange student. I was taken aback by the simple harmonious and exotic architecture in Kyoto and Nara. (Photo by LUNA from Pexels)

25+ Best Japan and China Travel Quotes

Here is my collection of the best Japan and China travel quotes. I don’t know China as well as I’d like; but, I have a special place in my heart from all things Japanese after spending the best summer of my life there as an exchange student in 1979….
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This Indian meal photo inspires me to want to eat my way across India again. Hopefully, these best India travel quotes will inspire you to explore this incredible country. You'll be glad you did. .(Photo by Chan Walrus from Pexels)

25+ Best India Travel Quotes

I have spent around three months traveling in India India is so diverse and different from the US that I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. Read these quotes for more perspective about why India is so fascinating.
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10 Tips to Combat Long Term Travel Fatigue

Every long-term traveler regardless of the budget will occasionally suffer from travel fatigue . I deal with it by slowing down, staying in my hotel for a day or two, or scheduling some new activities.
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20+ Best Eastern Europe Travel Quotes

Eastern Europe is my favorite part of Europe. I spent around 3 months traveling in Eastern Europe. I was enamored by the region’s food, culture, and exoticness. These quotes will help you understand why the region holds such allure for me.
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20+ Best Quotes About Leisure Travel

In small doses, I love resorts, amusement parks, and festivals during my long-term travels. They are like the perfect little break when traveling intensely around the world. I selected these quotes because they capture why I treasure these travel experiences.
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25+ Best Russia and the Baltic States Travel Quotes

I lived in Kaliningrad, Russia for a year and a half in the 1990s. Russia is fascinating, beautiful, and at times perplexing. Since I lived near the Baltic States, I spent a month enjoying its natural beauty and rich culture. These quotes capture this region which stole a piece…
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