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40+ Best Italy Travel Quotes

Everyone loves traveling in Italy. Italy has more world heritage sites than any other country. Italian food, wine, fashion, architecture, and art are among the best in the world. As these quotes show, Italy has captivated travelers for centuries.
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4 Reasons Why Travel Companies Prefer Business Versus Leisure Travelers

The travel industry gets most of its clients from leisure travelers. However, it makes more money from business than leisure passengers. The airlines put up with us leisure travelers because they couldn’t survive without us. However, they don’t hide their preference for business travelers.
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My Detailed Travel Personality Inventory

Paul Heller, the Founder of Fifty-Plus Nomad, has outlined in detail his own travel personality. This inventory was developed after taking all the quizzes and answering the questions contained throughout the travel personality section of the blog. It is intended as a model for other Fifty-Plus Nomads to use…
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20+ Best Eastern Europe Travel Quotes

Eastern Europe is my favorite part of Europe. I spent around 3 months traveling in Eastern Europe. I was enamored by the region’s food, culture, and exoticness. These quotes will help you understand why the region holds such allure for me.
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20+ Best Central America Travel Quotes

i have spent around 6 months in Central America. I love the relaxed tropical vibe and the incredibly diverse population throughout the region. I selected quotes that offer a more detailed exploration of why the region is so compelling.
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7 Little-Known Ways Polyglots Learn Multiple Foreign Languages

I am conversational in four languages. and would love to learn more languages in the future. What is the secret to my success and passion for foreign languages? I unknowingly followed the seven precepts that polyglots used to successfully learn multiple foreign languagees
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Travel Industry Consolidations: Are They Good for Consumers?

Probably the most significant change in the travel industry in the past couple of decades has been the industry’s rapid consolidation. Read this post to discover how few travel players really exist in the market today. and how this rapid consolidation has affected consumers.
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Choosing the Right Place to Retire in Mexico

One of the main challenges for expat retirees in Mexico is choosing the right place to live. This post explores the advantages and disadvantages of living in five types of communities in Mexico: expat havens, locally-oriented expat communities, Gringo Ghettoes, off-the beaten path communities, and business havens
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