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20+ Best Quotes About Guided Tours and Sightseeing

I am glad that I participated in both guided tours and independent travel during my five years traveling around the world. Sometimes, I loved being alone and planning everything myself. Other times, I loved being in a group and having everything done for me. Hopefully, these long-term travel advice quotes…
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Hopefully, these best Greece and Croatia and Albania and Former Yugoslavia Travel Quotes will inspire you to see more of this remarkable part of the world.. Kotor, Montenegro (pictured) is one of the many truly spectacular vistas that travelers will witness if they travel in Greece, Croatia, Albania, and the former Yugoslav republics. While the marvels of Greece and Croatia are well covered in the travel media, spectacular places like Albania, Montenegro, and Sarajevo remain relatively undiscovered.

25+ Best Greece and Balkans Travel Quotes

Almost every traveler, myself included, is captivated by Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, and Slovenia’s charm, beauty, diversity, history, food, and culture. (I haven’t been to Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia but they are high on my list)). As these quotes demonstrate, the region’s charm has been well-documented through the ages.
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7 Little-Known Ways Polyglots Learn Multiple Foreign Languages

I am conversational in four languages. and would love to learn more languages in the future. What is the secret to my success and passion for foreign languages? I unknowingly followed the seven precepts that polyglots used to successfully learn multiple foreign languagees
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Airline Bumping: What is it Really? Is it a Blessing or a Curse?

Airlines routinely sell more tickets on a plane than there are seats. They expect no-shows. Most of the time this causes no problems. If there is trouble, often they can find volunteers who will receive some compensation to take a later flight. Once in a rare while, airlines…
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Living Abroad Over 50 Is Not That Difficult

Whenever you start researching the idea of living abroad you will read a lot of useful information that may leave you thinking this is harder than you expected. Yet, it is not that hard. Living abroad is the best decision I’ve ever made and it can…
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