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10 Tips to Combat Long Term Travel Fatigue

Every long-term traveler regardless of the budget will occasionally suffer from travel fatigue . I deal with it by slowing down, staying in my hotel for a day or two, or scheduling some new activities.
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35+ Best Language and Travel Quotes

One of the my favorite things in the world is learning and teaching languages. These 35+ best quotes about foreign languages from my Fifty-Plus Nomad blog and Facebook group page will show you how learning a foreign language can be fun for you, too.
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10 Places and Topics Not Included in the Fifty Plus Nomad Blog

While I try to cover everything of interest to expats and long-term travelers over 50 in the fifty Plus Nomad blog., there are several topics that I will unlikely ever be able to cover on my own in this blog. That said, I would eagerly welcome other contributors to add…
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7 Little-Known Ways Polyglots Learn Multiple Foreign Languages

I am conversational in four languages. and would love to learn more languages in the future. What is the secret to my success and passion for foreign languages? I unknowingly followed the seven precepts that polyglots used to successfully learn multiple foreign languagees
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Perhaps my favorite part of cruise travel is discovering fabulous little-known ports. Probably my two favorite examples are Corsica (pictured) and the Azores. Why? Both are stunningly beautiful but also have their own unique culture and history. Hopefully, these Best Cruise Travel Quotes will help you discover your own unexpected favorite ports. Pxfuel

20+ Best Cruise Travel Quotes

I have been on twenty cruises and spent a bit over a year cruising around the world. I love the food, entertainment, and, most of all, discovering off-the-beaten-path ports. I hope these quotes will inspire you to cruise, too.
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