Couples and Solo Travel; Independent Travel; Meeting People on the Road


Tips and quotes about meeting people while living and traveling abroad over 50. Learn about how loneliness and too much togetherness as a couple can impact your life as a long-term traveler and expat retiree.

As part of my research for my blogs and seminars over the past 15 years, I have talked to over 300 American and Canadian expats in Mexico, Central America (particularly Costa Rica), Europe (mainly Italy), and Thailand. These expats generally are happy they made the move but found both the challenges and the benefits of living abroad vastly different than expected.

During my five years traveling around the world, I spent about half my time traveling independently and the other half on group tours, cruises, volunteering, and learning vacations. I love the freedom to explore things in depth that comes with independent travel. However, I find exclusively traveling independently to get exhausting and lonely if done for months at a time. I also love the diversity of experiences.when I mix group and independent travel.