Sightseeing and Tours (Day Tours, Guided/Escorted Tours)


Advice about finding and enjoying the best day tours and guided tours for you; and tips about how to make your sightseeing  more enjoyable and hassle-free.

One of my biggest surprised while traveling around the world in the 20102 is how fond I became of guided and escorted multi-day tours. I feel blessed to have many guides who brought the history and culture of places to life while taking excellent care of their guest’s needs. However, it is not always easy to find the best guided tours for you. After taking 60 multi-day tours worldwide, I put together this list to help other Fifty Plus Nomads find the perfect tour for them.

During my five years traveling around the world. I occasionally suffered from mild travel burnout. Only once did I truly want to stop sightseeing for awhile. Why didn’t sightseeing ever really exhaust me? Because over time I have learned how to appreciate every place’s architecture, history, and beauty. However, sightseeing fatigue seems commonplace among other long-term travelers because they don’t have enough background to appreciate what they are seeing and don’t try to mix fun experiences into their sightseeing experiences.

During my five years traveling around the world, I spent about half my time traveling independently and the other half on group tours, cruises, volunteering, and learning vacations. I love the freedom to explore things in depth that comes with independent travel. However, I find exclusively traveling independently to get exhausting and lonely if done for months at a time. I also love the diversity of experiences.when I mix group and independent travel.