Enjoy a Home-Cooked Meal Prepared by Juan Carlos Cab, One of the Yucatan’s Best Home Cooks in Fifty Plus Nomad’s Beautiful Colonial Home, the Casa Los Dos Gallos, in Merida’s Historical Centro

Find Out What Makes the Yucatan Culture and Society So Unique

Discover My Secrets for Enjoying, Understanding, and Fitting Into the Yucatan’s Hospitable and Compelling Lifestyle Better

Anyone who can leave the Yucatán with indifference has never been an artist and will never be a scholar.
Claude Levi

The picture shows Juan Carlos’s and my Czech friend, Pavlina, at a party, preparing mucbilpollo (also called pib). Mucbilpollo is a traditional tamale-like dish cooked in a special pan and wrapped in banana leaves to give the dish a strong, smoky flavor. Mucbilpollo is served in the Yucatan during the Day of the Dead. Juan Carlos’s version of Mucbilpollo features a homemade tomato sauce that makes this dish shine.

Ready for a One-of-a-Kind Chance to Discover the Yucatan?

Spend a partial or full day enjoying two unique Yucatan experiences with Fifty Plus Nomad.

Eat a Rustic Home-Cooked Yucatan Meal
Let Juan Carlos Cab, one of the region’s best home cooks, show you the Yucatan’s rich and unique mixture of Mayan, Mexican, Lebanese, and European flavors.

Take our Yucatan Society and Culture Workshop.
Discover what makes the Yucatan unique from the rest of Mexico and learn how to understand and fit in comfortably with the Yucatan’s relaxed and hospitable lifestyle.

Want to Find Out More or Schedule an Experience?

Contact us via Phone (from outside Mexico: 011-52) + (Merida) (999) 611-0154 or via WhatsApp or cell phone at (Merida) (999) 388-8821 or through our Contact Form

Experience Yucatan Food and Culture at a Colonial Home in Merida’s Historic Centro

Fifty Plus Nomad offers the unique Yucatan Experience Package to help tourists and expats discover what makes the Yucatan so unique and what it takes to successfully live and enjoy living in the Yucatan.

The Yucatan Experience Package consists of two separate activities: The Yucatan Society and Culture Workshop and the Rustic, Home-Cooked Yucatan Meal.

Join Us for a Home-Cooked Yucatan Meal

In 2018 James Beard award-winning author Samrin Nosrat dedicated an entire episode on Yucatan’s unusual regional cuisine in her Netflix series “Salt, Fat, Acid and Heat.”

Nosrat chose the Yucatan to highlight the region’s skill in incorporating acid into their cooking through the use of marinating meats in sour oranges, achiote powder, and traditional dishes and garnishes like sopa de lima and escabeche de pavo (turkey),

When I decided to provide a short workshop on Yucatan culture, I wanted to include a unit on experiencing the region’s food. At first, I thought about just doing a short class about the region’s food, but then I realized that such a course would be dull without the opportunity to try the food first-hand.

Thankfully, I had the perfect cook to prepare Yucatan’s unique regional cuisine in my home, the Casa Los Dos Gallos. my personal chef and business partner, Juan Carlos Cab

Juan Carlos Cab, an outstanding home cook, and my personal chef and business partner, prepares burritos for a wedding. He would love to share his culinary secrets and passion for Yucatecan rustic cuisine with you.

Rustic Yucatan Home-Cooked Meal

My business partner, Juan Carlos Cab, is an excellent cook. He has a degree in hospitality management and has catered many events around the Yucatan.

He and I offer a typical rustic home-cooked Yucatan meal for one to six people at the Casa Los Dos Gallos.

The menu changes to meet your needs, incorporate fresh seasonal ingredients, and showcase the best dishes from the Yucatan peninsula.

Juan Carlos also enjoys talking to guests about the Yucatan’s dishes, sharing recipes, and discussing the Yucatan’s food culture and traditions.

Yucatecan Trova at the Fifty Plus Nomad Open House in December 2021.

Introduction to Yucatan Culture and Society Workshop

Fifty-Plus Nomad offers our exclusive three-hour, one-on-one Yucatan Culture and Society Workshop designed for:

  • Tourists who want to get a basic idea about how Yucatan culture functions and how to behave during their stay in the Yucatan.
  • Expats living in Yucatán that want to understand a bit more about how to interact with locals.
  • Anyone who wants to learn a little about the Yucatan’s history, cultural influence, and culinary traditions
  • Expats and tourists who want to know how Yucatecan society differs from other parts of Mexico, the US, and Canadian cultures.
  • Anyone who wants to sample what they could learn in the exclusive 1-on-1 Fifty Plus Nomad Living and Traveling in Mexico Workshop before investing the time and money for the entire workshop.

More About the Workshop Teacher, Paul Heller

Above is a photo of me in the garden of my house, Casa Los Dos Gallos, in Merida, Mexico. I can help you learn Spanish over 50 in Personalized 1-on-1 Classes, discover all my secrets for successfully living and traveling in Mexico and the Yucatan, and show you how to make your dream of extended, round-the-world travel come true. Classes are available at the beautiful Casa Los Dos Gallos in Merida or online.

I (Paul Heller) love Merida and have:

  • Lived in Merida for more than six years.
  • Talked to hundreds of Yucatan expats as part of my research for my seminars.
  • Read over a hundred books about Mexican society, economics, politics, history, and culture and have taken many classes about Mexico.
  • Studied Spanish for many years.

Costs of the Workshops

The Yucatan Culture and Society Workshop and the Rustic Home Cooked Meal cost $US30 ($600 Mexican Pesos; CA$40) per person each. The workshop is 3 hours long. The Rustic, Home-Cooked Meal lasts from 1-3 hours.

The Rustic Home Cooked Meal and the Workshop, taken together, cost $US45 (900 Mexican Pesos, CA$60) per person.

Take Fifty Plus Nomad’s Living and Traveling in Mexico Workshop

Let me use my extensive experience living and traveling around Mexico to:

Help you decide if living in Mexico is right for you (it isn’t right for everyone)
Share my passion for Mexico
Find your perfect place in Mexico.
Set up, enjoy, adapt and create a joyful new life in my adopted homeland
Travel around Mexico comfortably, safely, and enjoyably on any budget.

Casa Los Dos Gallos

Casa Los Dos Gallos (built around 1900) is a comfortable, recently renovated, 2-bedroom, 2-bath house (around 1400 square feet, 150 square meters) complete with modern appliances, tile floors, mamposteria (stone) walls, tiled floors, and antique, wooden carved doors. The house is in Merida’s trendy Parque Mejorada area within a five to fifteen WALK of Centro’s major attractions, restaurants, and shops.

The Main House

Meals are served in the dining room. The house has high-speed WiFi, air conditioning, and fans and seldom gets hot.


Bright, ventilated areas. Meals, classes, and workshops are also held outdoors, weather permitting.

Fifty Plus Nomad offers personalized workshops and courses in Spanish, English, Living and Traveling in Mexico, and Long-Term Travel Book a Two-hour Free Sample Introductory Session

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Paul Heller has been a lifelong avid traveler and language learner and teacher, Even as a child, he told Santa Claus that he wanted to visit all the children worldwide. At seven years old, Paul wanted to retire to Mexico. At eight, he memorized the name, capital, location, and some facts about every country worldwide. At twelve, he found a book "Lonely Planet: Southeast Asia on a Shoestring" and started developing his own itinerary for a future round-the-world trip. He remained obsessed with travel; after getting a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Southern California and working as an administrator, He spent his vacations going to different countries around the globe studying language, touring, and volunteering. In 1994, he quit his job and lived in Russia as a volunteer English instructor. He discovered that he loved teaching languages. In 2004, he decided to make a living out of his travels and founded a community of people who love to travel just like him. He developed 5 three-hour classes about living and traveling long-term worldwide which he taught in over 50 adult education programs throughout the US. After his parents passed, he realized his dream of traveling around the world; cruising and touring some of the most remote places like the North Atlantic, Patagonia, and Oceania; and learning new languages (he knows Spanish, Italian, French, and Russian). Paul encourages everyone to learn foreign languages. He knows that it can be frustrating and slow but that anyone can learn a language if they put in the work and, most importantly, learning a language is well worth the time and effort because it opens up a whole new set of people, ideas, and cultures. He is currently spending the next chapter of his life in Mérida, México. He is excited about using this blog and his classes and workshops to inspire and equip fellow Fifty Plus Nomads with the language, cultural, and psychological skills necessary to be successful and happy long-term travelers and expats over 50.

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